Following Him.

Praise be to God!

This is my JAM!

sooo funny!! this ones for you jamie!

dang it.

You know how when you go on a church retreat and you leave on a spiritual high? And then a few weeks later the high wears off… Well i haven’t been on a retreat in a long time and yet that feeling of low spiritual energy is very prominent in my life. I was at a bible study and we were talking about really awesome stuff and being the “scent” that the rest of the world “smells” of God. I really loved the conversations we were having throughout the bible study. Then we started praying for all of the prayer requests that people brought up. They were some really heavy things and it was great we were bringing them up in prayer. But during the prayer i kept loosing my attention and i felt like i was disagreeing with what people were saying. But in the back of my head i knew what they were saying was true and yet i couldn’t stop thinking that i didn’t agree. After the study a few of us were talking and they were saying that they thought tonight was really great and that they feel like they are getting so much out of what we talk about here at school. And i couldn’t agree out loud. I just stood there and politely listened and smiled but i didn’t say anything. When i was walking back to my room i just kept thinking dang it. I hate it when i start to feel this way and i feel like i’m slipping from God and like i can’t hear His voice there. I know that God never changes and that i am the one who needs to change but where do i start?…Dear God help me to feel closer to you. I want to know that you are there all the time. Not just when i’m at church or listening to a Christian song. I want to be able to engage into Godly conversations and know what what we are talking about matters and is the truth. Help me to long to peruse a stronger relationship with you. Amen.


MERRY CHRISTMAS! :) im so blessed with a wonderfull giving family and friends! yayayayayay!


so a friend showed this to me and made this comparision and i loved it so much. this great creature is called a mimic octopus. it changes what it looks like to protect its self from preditors. seriousley THE coolest animal i have meet yet. but anyway my friend said that this is a lot like christians and our walk with christ. we will change who we are and will appear to be different people depending on who we are surrounded by. but this is not how it should be. we need to be 100% shinning for christ 100% of the time. no matter if we are with our family, friends, or alone we should be the same crature. beautiful and full of the light of christ!

Set Appart

So i started well actually more like restarted reading this book called set apart femininity by Leslie Ludy. It is really good even though I’m only like 40 pages into it (which is good for me because i don’t read like ever). And story after story in that book surprises me. She is always giving examples of these women who are so sold out for Christ and who practically give their clothing off their backs in the name if Christ Jesus. She says how full of beauty these women are and how things of the world do not make them shine but it is the love they have within them. I think that is one of my greatest desires is to look back on my life and say that i didn’t hold anything back because i was afraid God wouldn’t provide. But He will and He has proven that time and time again in the lives of others as well as mine. I wanna be beautiful in the light of our heavenly father because now i know just how superficial worldly beauty is. Once the wrinkles come and the bags appear we wont be “beautiful” anymore. To give God my entire life and future sounds so exciting and nerve shaking at the same time!


today. every day when i wake up i say today. today is going to be the day.  today is the day that i will really live for HIM. today is the day that i will be nice to the kid everyone ignores. today is the day that i will not lose my temper over dumb stuff. today is the day that i wont fall into the temptations of the world. today is THE day. but it never is…tomorrow is the day. tomorrow is the day i will be nice to the kid everyone ignores. tomorrow is the day i will not lose my temper. tomorrow is the day i will avoid wordly temptations. but no. i dont want it to belike that. i want tomorrow to be today! i am making tomorrow today today.